A must-see in Geneva

Who has never experienced the desire at one stage in their lives –after a meal with friends, a workout with buddies or a day at the office– to go out for a last drink in pleasant, welcoming, discreet surroundings filled with beautiful, friendly young ladies, as pleasant on the eye as they are to enjoy –without moderation…

The Gclub of Geneva is the fruit of years of planning and experience. Its almost 300m2 space today provides a unique infrastructure in Geneva, inspired by Europe’s best in this area.


Located in the downtown Cornavin area, 5 minutes from the station and its parking lot, the Gclub of Geneva occupies the entire second floor of a handsome, discreet, anonymous building located in a little-travelled street. With its two separate entrances and carefully designed system of interior partitioning, our club ensures you optimum discretion at every stage of your visit.


From the comfort of one of the sofas or armchairs in our magnificent English bar, you can get acquainted with our hostesses at your leisure or simply have a drink amongst friends while enjoying our delicious musical atmosphere or watching the programs chosen especially for you on our gigantic screen.


All our rooms come equipped with professional king-size beds (2m x 2m), carefully designed adjustable lighting, a system of mirrors and a high-fidelity audio system that plays soft music specially designed to suit the atmosphere and action that takes place there.


All our rooms are equipped with a large private shower. We no longer use sheets, but instead an aesthetically pleasing system of mattress covers to ensure you are provided with optimum health conditions. A professional laundry service renews our bed linen several times a week and a specialist firm carries out the cleaning of our premises so that we can bring you the highest levels of hygiene.

Prices and Services

Despite the extremely high quality of all our services, we have managed to keep our price levels reasonable and accessible. Whether in terms of the rates charged by our enchanting hostesses or the price of our drinks, you will soon realize how competitive we are. Because we believe our customers’ satisfaction is crucial to the long-term operation and credibility of our establishment.

The Future

In its current form the Gclub is only the first step in a larger-scale project and we envisage developing and completing our facilities in order to bring our customers an exceptional range of new services.